Yes, yes, yes…


After a hiatus of 2 years, we are back to our love of sharing great music with you.


I’d like to first of all take this opportunity to apologize to my die-hard fans, a few of them have even written me personally to see if everything is okay.

Unfortunately it wasn’t, but time and Drum & Bass heals and I can once again be here with you and share the music I discover and find fulfilling every day.

I also want to apologize to all the producers I established a friendly relationship with and have not heard from again, I will be writing to everyone personally as time goes on.


And what happened to us?..


Demotivation. A lot of things have changed on YouTube since 2011, since I’ve been recording and sharing music that I and you enjoy. Despite a growing number of subscribers, our videos have had fewer and fewer views, and the overall algorithm and YouTube rules have changed. Unfortunately, personal life stuff added to that and there was no choice but to rest, reenergize and motivate myself and move on rather than exhaust myself.


What’s next…?


There will be an overall channel redesign, we’ll be looking more into Deep Drum & Bass, which you may have heard a few times on our channel. Next up, you can look forward to a better and more stable website. More to come in time though, so there’s plenty to look forward to!


Finally, I want to welcome you all here, I hope you enjoy the change of channel and continue to enjoy great music with us.


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