The Antidote EP project started around 2 years ago. Through that time it was lost and found, forgotten and almost lost again. Gladly we were able to make it and finish it all. We wanted to show that we are capable of making not just drum & bass music, but that we have passion for other styles as we are also interested in downtempo and symphonic sound.

The main point was to create a variation of tracks which are somehow connected and creating a story. And antidote goes from dark and deep vibes slowly into fresh and happy vibes.

From the intro (dubbed by one of the Variants members) it is going straight into the Darksun where the story begins. With deep bass, vocals and atmospheric vibes evolving from minimalistic into a classic drum & bass tempo. Hurt Like Love then plays a lot with catchy synth tones in the mix with lovely piano chords and strings, going straight into the Interlude to take some rest. Then with Sense you are floating through the hip-hop style beat supplemented by warm bass, piano chords and violin melodies to the end where the
Antidote is finishing the story with cheerful guitar tones and energetic vibes.



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