We’re back in the forest!

I am honored to introduce you to a new member of our family. A young and very talented guy who has already released on labels such as Offworld Recordings, Liquid Flavors Records or Boey Audio. As a welcome to the family, Neuron has prepared for you four track EPs called ‘Forest’ on which you will find four wonderful liquids that will caress not only your ears, but also your soul.

At the beginning you will be greeted by a charming track called ‘Crystal’, which will describe in the first minute what awaits you and how beautiful it will be. Another slightly more agile and energetic vibe called ‘Element’ will definitely not leave you sitting still. The third track called ‘Forest’ to the last key describes how beautiful it is to walk in the woods at sunrise and accompanied by birds. A farewell track called ‘The Optimist’ awaits you with a deliciously sounding bass and a gentle vocal in the background, all of which are free to download at all the better digital stores and streaming services.

We are already looking forward to what the next Neuron will create and we firmly believe that one day it will hold up well.

Thank you all for your support so far, and if you like the EP, please support it by sharing it on your social networks.

Your Dear Deer.



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