Fourseason - SoulDeerSeason 11

Hou-Hou-Houuu Merry Christmasss! 

It’s been almost a year since the release of the last episode of SoulDeerSeason, unfortunately the year 2020 was overwhelming for many and we didn’t miss it either. We must believe in a better year.

The set is calmer than ever, all the more sensitive. You will hear guaranteed classics such as Caliber, Alix Perez or Atlantic Connection. But also new faces on stage like Tatora, Subdue and not a completely new Workforce rookie (half SpectraSoul).

I wish you a beautiful and relaxed listening.



Alix Perez – Wondering at Loss
Satl – Just Words
Subdue – Dusk
Mystic State – If You Knew
Fluidity – Yes or No
FD – Ambra (Calibre Remix)
R1C0 – Star Dub
Catz’n’Dogz – New Love (Satl Remix)
Tatore & Perspective Shift – Broken Hearted
Styke – Desolate
Satl – Levitate
OaT – 808 Bait (War Remix)
Deviant – Things You Do (feat. Mystic State)
Arcatype – You Know
Workforce – Heart Crossed
Redeyes – She Said
Satl & Dan Stezo – Guna Guna
Native – Gone
Javano – Easy Does It
Invadhertz – If You
Objective – Close
Fluidity – Hold Tight
Subdue – Told You Once
June Miller – Brave Man
Embers Of Light – When The Light Shines In
Atlantic Connection – Changes



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