Welcome everyone in the second call of the forest, where we’ll proudly introduce Nuex from Slovakia. 


Q : Thank you for finding the time for our interview Matus. Firstly, how are you? Also could tell us a few words about yourself?

A : Not a problem, I am very well, thank you. I just finished a studio session and getting ready for the weekend. Sure, my name is Matus and I am from Slovakia. I moved to Sydney a few years ago to study music and I am still here, because I completely fell in love with this city. I produce dnb under name Nuex, but also compose film music, and other electronic genres under different names.

Recently I got signed by ProgRAM records and awaiting more releases next year on various labels, but can’t say more at the moment.

Q : How did you actually get into Drum and Bass? What producer/s inspired you, and who is your current favourite?

A : The first time I remember it was at festival Martinske Nocne Vlny. Since then it’s been a rabbit hole for me and I still enjoy the ride. Back then I was really in to Hospital, RAM, Virus to name a few and names like Calyx & Teebee, Break, Logistics, it’s very hard because the list could go on and on…and they all still current favourites.


Q : We know that D’n’B is in ‘fashion’ in Australia, people fly halfway across the globe to Let It Roll festival… So what does your D’n’B scene look like and what styles are popular where you are from?

A : Well, the Sydney scene is not huge, but is very lovely and the community here creates always a special vibes, and that’s why I love every party here. I was lucky enough to become a part of Breakneck Entertainment and this crew brought here all the best Dj’s and producers from around the world.

Q : You have releases on ProgRAM, Soul Deep Recordings, they are quite established labels, what was the collaboration like?

A : Always a pleasure. Because of my studies I did not want to push every track I have made and wanted to actually take time to get deeper into production and find my direction as an artist and as a producer. So I was very happy when the few tracks I sent out got really nice feedback from established labels. They are extremely professional.

Q : What inspires you? Do you have any particular habits when producing your music?

A : I am either inspired by life around me, when my reactions to situations are transformed to emotions and then to music…and this is the purest inspiration for me, when I feel these tracks are my kind of confession, or I am inspired by music and I am trying to come up with my own twists of whatever I am listening to at the moment from classical music to funky and more…

Q : Which of your releases do you hold as your proudest work? Is there a story behind it?

A : Uff…They all have their own place in my life, as I am always trying to make music based on my deepest feelings. So even the early works where I would not be happy with the mix or sound today, they could always bring me back to the part of my life, and that is precious.

But let’s say at the moment is my favourite one track “ I Need You “ released on ProgRAM 100 album. I put a lot of emotions in to this one as I was missing my girlfriend while she was on the other side of the world. The track basically written itself, it felt so natural and I had it done in one day session.

Never experienced anything like that before, because usually I have scheduled sessions for creative work, mix, mastering etc. on different days. This one just came from the stars, straight through the heart and out… and I am very happy with the feedback from people, Dj’s and producers!



Q : Are you planning any releases currently? What can we look forward to?

A : I am very happy I can say, YES I do. There is a track “Hold Me Down” coming up on Four Corners Music in Jan/Feb 2020, I have many new tracks finished for the next year and a few collaborations with my favourite producers, but unfortunately I can’t say more about it now, but I am very excited about 2020.

Q : Any other message to our readers and listeners?

A : Huge thanks to everyone who supported my music this year. I wish all of you only the best and may your dreams come true in 2020. Peace and love.

Thank you for your time and for these interesting answers.



1. Nuex – Be With You (Fourseason)
2. Ed:It & Technimatic – Slate Gray (Shogun Audio)
3. Grafix – Photons (Hospital)
4. Unglued – Chicken In A Spacesuit (Hospital)
5. Document One – Alcazar (Shogun Audio)
6. Surreal, Radicall, Humanature – Soul Train (Fokuz)
7. Salaryman – Nocturnal Stories (RAM)
8. Lisp – Got Me Down (Hospital)
9. Noel – Defence (RAM)
10. Whiney x Inja – She Just Wanna Dance (Hospital)
11. Black Barrel – Fallen (Dispatch Recordings)
12. Krakota – Callback (Hospital)
13. Calyx & Teebee – Long Gone (RAM)
14. Document One – Throwback (Shogun Audio)
15. Calyx & Teebee – Look At The Skies (RAM)
16. >>> Urbandawn – Pavlov’s Dog (Hospital)

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