Welcome everyone in the first call of the forest, where we’ll proudly introduce Confusious from Australian Perth. I got to like him recently, because of his awesome production and catchy mixes, but enough talking… Enjoy the interview & guest mix.

Q : Thank you for finding the time for our interview Harry. Firstly, how are you? Also could tell us a few words about yourself?

A : My pleasure, not bad thank you, currently 6 coffee’s deep getting through the days work.  I’m a 25yo from Australia, who’s a major fan of food and music amongst other things. 

Q : How did you actually get into Drum and Bass? What producer/s inspired you, and who is your current favourite?

A : It started pretty early on in my life, I started skateboarding from the age of 2 so Hip Hop & Drum and Bass came pretty soon after.

Im inspired by so many people, theres so much talent out there. Hard to pick a favourite little own a top 5. As hard as it is to narrow it this much, it would be something like Total Science, DLR, Amoss, Jubei & S.P.Y.

Q : We know that D’n’B is in ‘fashion’ in Australia, people fly halfway across the globe to Let It Roll festival… So what does your D’n’B scene look like and what styles are popular where you are from?

A : In my city of Perth, its super versatile, we cover the whole spectrum from Rollers, Minimal, Liquid, Dancefloor, Mainstream right through to Jump Up & Riddim. Theres something for everyone. 

The city has gone through a lot of phases in terms of whats popular, I’m really pushing the rolling sound as hard as I can.

Q : You have releases on Skankandbass, Fokuz Recordings and Soul Deep Recordings, they are quite established labels, what was the collaboration like?

A : It was super easy, they are all really nice dudes to work with and it was pretty straight forward for me. Like, I sent the tracks through, had a response inthe same day saying yes – sign here!

Q : What inspires you? Do you have any particular habits when producing your music?

A : Im pretty bad, I generally get the basis of the track down outside on headphones, drinking multiple cups of coffee, a fair few cigarettes and toilet breaks (haha) before going in front of the speakers to tighten everything up and get it sounding big and boomy.

In all honesty man, I get inspired by life. The ups, the downs, the joyful moments and the unexpected. By some of the music I listen to you may think I’m an old lady, or I’m street. Could range from 30’s, 40’s soul through to MoTown, Hip Hop, garage, house techno. I listen to everything!

Q : Which of your releases do you hold as your proudest work? Is there a story behind it?

A : In terms of things already released thats a hard one, I couldn’t pick one as I’m constantly progressing and making breakthroughs musically. Im sort of proud in some sense of everything I have released, because in a way they were all stepping stones to get me where I am now and they all portray a different feeling and emotion to the rest. I always like to make something different and interesting. In hindsight I cringe at some, but hey, thats
the joy of being a creative haha. 

But on the flip, probably my GKM releases as I made those tracks straight after I broke my neck surfing last year and was in a bit of a rough place and re-evaluated the direction I wanted to go musically.

Q : Are you planning any releases currently? What can we look forward to?

A : I most certainly am. Right so first up this month – released 19/10 I have a collaboration with Dose on Rebel Music.

In November I have a track on the ProgRAM 100 release & around the same time I have a single dropping on Celsius Recordings.

Early next year I have 2 EP’s and a few singles coming out featuring some really cool artists, vocalists and

Q : Any other message to our readers and listeners?

A : Thanks for taking the time to read, really hope you like the direction of my sound from November onwards. And finally to you Petr, thanks for supporting my music and putting out my track Zoloft. Fourseason is my favourite Liquid Channel. A great selection of cuts. Big up.

Q : Thank you for your time and beautiful words at the end. I wish you the best of luck and success on your journey. Cheers man.


1. Confusious – ??? (Forthcoming)
2. Hyroglifics & Visages – Szechuan
3. Particle & Magugu – Bang
4. Alibi – Directions
5. Cnof – ??? (Forthcoming)
6. Bredren – Undress
7. Seba & Jr Vallo – Wasabi (Forthcoming)
8. The Sauce – The Click
9. Confusious – ??? (Forthcoming)
10. The Sauce Ft. Aioli – Mr Robot
11. Confusious – No Dramas (Forthcoming Celcius Recordings)
12. Sam Binga & Redders – Vandilero (Particle Remix)
13. Enei – Northern Noise
14. Amoss – Tinnies & Ciggie

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