Variants is a Polish-Czech project founded in 2014 by Paweł Gabryszewski (aka Base Covers) and Jakub Havlák (aka Fantek). 

By producing, they combine various styles of drum and bass and downtempo genres, which are supposed to evoke specific emotions and conclusions in the listener. They like each other in extraordinary and minimalist sounds. Their debut in September 2015 at Liquid Tones was a real success with their EP called The Story Ends, whose VIP version released at the end of 2017 became their flagship production. Then through several free releases, they made a good success and found their way to release the next EP on Nu Venture Records in 2018 with tracks Arcade and Faded.

The newest release of 2020 became on the famous Hoofbeats Music label based in the Czech republic, including two new tracks called “The Painter” and “Seasons”. “The Painter” was played on Rene Lavice BBC Radio 1 Drum & Bass Show and is featured on the famous Liquicity youtube channel!

Now, with a lot of effort and passion, they are working on new future releases.

Stay tuned for more and thank you for your support. 


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