Best Of May 2021

Chug – Ilha do Mel

British producer Chug brought us a real honey treat in the form of the whole Paradise EP, which was released on Amphibious-Audio Recordings. And I really loved the opener in the form of Ilha do Mel (Honey Island), with it’s mellow guitar riff, funky bass and atmosphere of being somewhere on the beach in Carribean or Latin America, thanks to those influences in vocals and additional melodies and sounds.



Интервент & Егор Сесарев – Табак и вино (Remix)

This remix is absolutely incredible. Originally written and produced by The Voice participant Yegor Sesarev and totally revamped by St. Petersburg’s own Intervent, this track somehow became a strong liquid anthem, but with all the melancholy and emotions of the original. Reesy bassline, beautiful vocals, huge atmosphere – everything is contained. I also really like the change from “classical DnB” riddim to halftime in the end. Released on Live History Records, really don’t miss this beauty.



Psynchro – Musicolors

Released on NickBee’s Axon Records, Russian-Belarussian trio Psynchro caught me a little bit off guard, because I associate them with a kinda different sound, but I like it! That funky bassline brings to my mind reminiscence of Camo and Krooked (or at least their sets, didn’t they already play it?), combine it with chopped vocals and that snappy snare/clap and you have a really great dancefloor track. Big Up!


AC13 – Headlights

Only deep track in this month’s selection is this novelty by Brighton’s native AC13 released on Onyx Recordings. I don’t even know where to start, if with those uncompromising growls, tight drums, really really deep bass, great flow on the mic or how sinister it sounds when combined? And yeah, AC13 himself was spitting those bars. Is there something he can’t do?



DJ Komatose – Liquid Lunch

It was very hard for me to pick the last song, but I had to go with another English producer, this time from Midlands – DJ Komatose. Liquid lunch is a great combination of repetitive strong melody, which somehow feels like endless buildup with long bubbly bass. I feel really great energy from this track and it kinda feels like you’re on a journey somewhere. Btw check this guys soundcloud – bunch of sick bootlegs out there. 


Honorable Mentions:


Last month I forgot Jon Tho, so shout out to John Tho – The Way You Were

LM1, Jett – Tomorrow (Bone Remix)

Incident, Sonic Rain – Never Be

Funkware – Fury Load

Hugh Hardie d.e.o.n – Overture

Mystific, Duoscience – Shooting For The Stars – Dub Version

Bluefootjai – Endless Battles

H8TO – This Place

QZB, Rider Shafique – Perfectly Aligned


Honestly I am thinking about dropping the “Honorable mentions section”, because there are too many great tracks every month and picking 8 additions to the original 5 is somehow overdoing/unfair. I don’t know, what do you think?

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