Best Of March 2021

Beterror & Bios Destruction – Virus

“соблюдайте дистанцию”… This track is heavily inspired by today’s situation in the world, which frankly from my point of view wasn’t as crazy in Ukraine, from where this duo hails, as it was in our country, but it’s a nice touch. With its uncompromising rolling bass and very nice groove, at start with a little bit of reminiscence of Mefjus’ Sinkhole, the track as a whole is very strong and I’m kinda sure that it’ll become part of many “rollers” sets in near future.


Kenny Ken & Juiceman – Going My Way

I was caught by surprise by this release, because honestly, I almost forgot that the “Mix And Blen” label still exists (yeah, that says more about me than about that label)… But here it is – novelty from DnB legend Kenny Ken in collaboration with another scene veteran Juiceman. Very nice blend of uplifting and melancholic melodies, with strong bass and very energetic and crispy drive.


Data 3 – Losing Myself (Subtension remix)

To be honest I think this EP as a whole is another phenomenal work released on Flexout Audio. With the original being more in soft and gentle positions inclining more to chill and emotional  deep liquid funk, remix by Subtension brings more depth and darker sounds making the track more packed and this works much better, at least for me. Also, I was always a fan of those tight, rolling hi-hats.


Joja – Translating time

Phew, what can I say? Just an incredible tune with insane vibes. After a debut on Neonlight’s label Diascope Joja, hailing from Germany (I really hope I’m not wrong and I won’t cause some rant), comes strong with a new EP on Influenza Media. Frankly, I like the EP as a whole, but the title track really caught my attention as soon as I heard it and I enjoyed every second of its 5min length. Very atmospheric, very emotional, just top tier work, with strong bass.


Rezilient – Jazz Machine

With 2 EPs in March, Romanian producer Rezilient really put in work and from those EPs I am picking a track from the newer one “Sparks” which was released on Fokuz Recordings. I always liked fusion of jazz or latin music with DnB and this is no exception. I always find basslines which are used in these types of tracks more intricate, lively and giving the track a new layer of curiosity. Add some jazzy piano chords and you have my attention. 


Sleepnet – Angel Blade

Ok, this is a little bit of a curveball. Originally I wanted to cover only 5 songs, but here we are. With Noisa’s end we have a new player in experimental electronic music. Thys was releasing music for some time and now Nik came out with his new project Sleepnet. I know that Angel Blade as a single was released in february, but with the whole EP out it was put in context and I really can’t stop appreciating the structure of the song, with the backing track in build up reminding me a little bit of a Pyramid Song by Radiohead.


Honorable mentions:

BSA – Sight Delight

2Whales – I Can See

Solsan – Shadow Hunter

Marc OFX – Cold Wind

MidKnighT MooN – Don’t Forget Me

Matt View – Don’t Stop

Mage – In Your Eyes

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