Best Of June 2021

Synergy, Skylark – Made of Glass

Ok, this month I’ll start with, maybe, a surprise selection with a collab by Russian duo Synergy and Frenchmen Skylark (though I was thinking about another Skylark’s collab, this time with fellow French The Caracal Project). “Made of Glass” is a pure show of new-gen DnB with crispy sound, intricate bass and using vocal chops and samples as the main melody line. Released on Pilot.



Flava D, Paige Eliza, DRS – All We Ever Do

First of all – I am a huge fan of Flava’s bassline/bass house (call it as you like it) work and I am really glad she’s making a bigger and bigger footprint in DnB too. Funny enough I would expect more tunes like the other one on this EP “Womp Machine”, just because of the bassline background. On the other hand “All We Ever Do” just blew me away. In its core it stands on kinda simple piano melody, but it’s the perfect blend between it and guest vocalists. Paige Eliza is great and with DRS you somehow just can’t make a bad tune.



External Subway – Too Late

For me, a surprisingly good debut by External Subway on Fokuz made me pick his “Too late” into this month’s selection. I see this track as some kind of blend between deep dnb and atmospheric liquid with really “Moby-ish” vibes.



Smooth – The Way I Feel


This is a tune that I really can’t omit from last month’s selection. Slovenian titan in making just showed again his versatility, when it comes to the genre, when his range is from hard neuro bangers to mellow liquid tracks, “The Way I Feel” is obviously on the latter spectrum. Very powerful piano melody is the main theme, when combined with some fills it somehow evokes some kind of urgency. Released on Rampage recordings.



Spooly – Washed Away (PLTX remix)


And our last pick is in courtesy of PLTX’s remix of Spooly’s already phenomenal track “Washed Away”. Atmosphere here is so dense, you would be able to cut through it with a knife. Intriguing powerful bass, rolling riddim and beautiful set of strings really make this track a real thing. Also I really like that playful plucky melody in the second part. Self-released by PLTX himself, you can pick it up on bandcamp.


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