Best Of April 2021

Hound – Pressure Point

Do I hear howling nearby? Oh, no, it’s just Hound’s new EP released on SBK Recordings. Hound may be a new name for most readers, but that’s ok. I am pretty sure that we’ll hear more from this up and coming talent from Christchurch, NZ. Track itself, I would describe as deep roller, which is kinda common theme these days (this is not a knock on these types of tracks), but here I feel great energy with that rolling bubbly bass, really tight beat and the track as a whole feels super clean. Btw big fan of that gentle recurring siren.



Makoto, Pete Simpson – Spread Love

Do you remember, how in the last edition I said that I love jazzy and latin fusion? So here we are again, but yeah I admit it’s kinda different. Japanese magician Makoto brought us another gem in collab with Pete simpson. Super funky, super 70s, super positive feel just coming out from this track and doesn’t stop until the last note. Seriously, this is the type of vibe for a film from French Riviera. Just “Spread Love” everyone. 🙂 



Qua Rush, Frame – One Nation Under a Breakbeat.

I don’t know, I always associated both Qua Rush and Frame more with the deeper side of the DnB, but well, you learn something new everyday. Released on Flight Pattern, Qua Rush brought us one helluva EP and I loved this collaboration with Frame. Jungly Amen Break combined with my weakness, jazzy piano, is the formula of this great track and it works pretty well with the bassline so smooth, I would love to touch it. Addition of new instruments in the second part of a track brings it to the fullest.




Last month we had ukrainian trace in Beterror and Bios Destruction, this month is courtesy of VovKING. Released as part of “5 Year AnniversaTEA” Vovking brings us a very nice blend of Camo & Krooked-like main theme with something “more sinister”. That bubbly bass really hits hard and hits basically when you’re least aware. Nice job. 



Black Sun Empire – Breach (Mysleor remix)

Ok you can call me crazy, but I apparently love throwing curve balls and I couldn’t help myself. From the first time I heard Myselor’s remix in competition I was in awe and I still am…because this revision of the legendary track by BSE is simply on next level. Built around the melody of the original, Berlin based Greek producer made sometimes very thumpy, sometimes emotional tune, which just feel like you are part of a journey during the production.



Honorable mentions:


Salaryman – Let It Go

Dan Guidance & Henry – We Hold The Stars

Heu – Dragonflies

Bcee, Charlotte Haining – Remind Me (S.P.Y. remix)

Indukt, Arxiva – Entheogen

Merkey, Submotion – Immerse

Fishy – Trophy

Deep Field, Torsten Jensen – Skylark

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